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What to Look for When Choosing a Honeycomb Supplier

“We make honeycomb easy to buy.” This is a statement you will hear over and over when doing business with Indy Honeycomb, and it is not just our philosophy; it is our promise. With a focus on each individual customer, the entire company is challenged every day toward achieving excellence in all facets of our service.

Does Your Supplier Have a Reputation for Being On Time and On Budget?

Although the field of honeycomb suppliers is somewhat narrow, choosing the right one for your needs is vital to receiving the best possible product on the market. At Indy Honeycomb, we value the customer above all else. As a customer, you will have access to our knowledgeable and professional staff. With a simple phone call, you can get prompt answers to any questions or concerns that may arise. And Indy Honeycomb’s number one business measurement is on-time delivery, which means you receive a high-quality product at a competitive price on or before the agreed-upon date. Although we work from a production shop, every order is created custom for each client.

Does Your Supplier Have Global Reach for Global Business?

With more than 160 customers in more than a dozen countries around the world, Indy Honeycomb certainly has a global reach. We are neither the biggest nor the smallest manufacturer of honeycomb products, but we are the best at crafting difficult engine seal honeycomb, and supplying MRO and OEM with an array of options up to and including “furnace ready” components. We set the standard in the OEM structural honeycomb market, occupy a growing presence in the EMI/RF shielding market, and have a substantial market share of worldwide wind-tunnel sales. To better service our customers, we have longstanding relationships with premiere companies that offer brazing, fabrication, and installation services, allowing us to effectively manage our customers’ projects. Our quality system is AS 9100/ISO 9001.

Does Your Supplier Have a Team of Seasoned Professionals Managing Your Project and Your Relationship?

Indy Honeycomb’s philosophy and mission are rooted in the people behind the scene. While working in various GE Aircraft Engines for 11 years, Steve Barnett, the President/Owner of Indy Honeycomb, became inspired by the component repair realm of the aviation business. He noticed that the process of purchasing the honeycomb rings and segments became a serious limiting factor to progress in various lean initiatives and took the limited choice of suppliers as a sign it was time to do something different. In 1996, he conceived the idea that a honeycomb supplier would behave as an internal “crib” (like a tool or gage crib) for various customers around the world. He founded the company with the mindset that it made better business sense to allow customers in the marketplace to determine a supplier’s behavior in ways that meet the needs of their own businesses not to accommodate the supplier’s wishes; simply stated, “to make honeycomb easy to buy.”

Working alongside Barnett is Don Prysi, who currently serves as Indy’s President. Previously, Don fulfilled the role of Vice President, Managing Director, and Export Compliance Officer. He has always aimed to be a leader in the world of aviation and tailored his education and service to the military to reflect this goal. Working his way through the ranks of the company, Prysi is committed to the continuous improvement of Indy Honeycomb and ongoing development of positive business partnerships by maintaining oversight of operations to develop and execute the vision and mission of the company.

Another integral face behind the scene is Sergiy (Serg) Papyshev. With a degree in Systems Engineering from an aviation-based university, Serg was a natural choice for the company. He began his career at Indy Honeycomb as a machine operator and was later promoted to Sales Engineer. He now serves as Inside Sales and Engineering Manager.

As a company, we are determined to remain flexible by continually working to identify, measure, and improve our core processes and work towards providing customer value. When you choose to work with Indy Honeycomb, you cannot go wrong. 

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Indy Honeycomb Signs Agreement through 2025 and Beyond

Indy Honeycomb recently signed a multi-million-dollar long term agreement that will secure jobs and aerospace exports for the state of Kentucky through 2025 and beyond. Indy Honeycomb strategically partnered with MTU Aero Engines and will supply honeycomb seals manufactured in Covington. Honeycomb seals are part of the manufacturer’s design strategy to achieve and control proper levels of compression throughout the engines. MTU Aero Engines is Germany’s leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry.

President Don Prysi commented, “Kentucky’s aerospace industry is on the rise and with our current momentum, I am encouraged by the opportunities we have developed.  Our team has made serious strides developing capacity and capability as a world class operation with a small company culture.

Participation in“Keep Covington Beautiful” for Great American Cleanup

April 29, 2017 9am-12pm

Covington’s largest annual volunteer day of service is the Great American Cleanup. Last year we assembled nearly 1000 volunteers at over 25 sites who picked up over 5 tons of trash on just one Saturday morning!

You can sign up as a group or an individual, you can manage your own site or join another. All volunteers are invited for a free lunch at the after party. We also supply all of the sites with trash bags, gloves, mulch, tools from the Tool Bank, and water.

The goal for the day is to work with your friends and neighbors and come away with a fresh outlook, pride in the community, and to have a whole lot of fun!

There are two ways to register for the Great American Cleanup:

1. Register here if you are leading a site and already have a group of volunteers.

2. Register here if you are an individual or a group that needs a site. 


Please contact Shannon Ratterman with The Center for Great Neighborhoods
Phone: 859-866-7524        Email: [email protected]

Kentucky’s Aerospace Sector Continues To Grow, Now #2 In The Nation



Kentucky is seeing dynamic growth in its aerospace industry. Recent preliminary figures show the Commonwealth has moved into the number two spot in aerospace exports in the United States.

It trails only the state of Washington, which is the home of Boeing. And aerospace now tops the lists of Kentucky’s exports.

Joining us to discuss Kentucky’s aerospace sector and what it will take to keep it growing are Steve Barnett, president and CEO of Indy Honeycomb in Covington; Executive Director of the Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium, D. Stewart Ditto; and Mike Michele, vice president of Wheels and Brakes Manufacturing at Walton Safran Landing Systems.

The Covington Business Council will hold a luncheon March 23, Thrusters On: A Rocketing Industry Group in Kentucky. For more information, click here.

Thrusters On: A Rocketing Industry Group in Kentucky

According to 2015 estimates, the companies representing aviation/aerospace industry in Kentucky exported $8.7 billion ranking it THIRD among all states.   Last fall the state developed preliminary figures showing a 19 percent increase which would catapult the Bluegrass State to second past California, trailing only the state of Washington (home to Boeing).

Several years ago when Kentucky started keeping records there were only 60 known companies statewide related to this field, but ongoing research has uncovered nearly ten times as many or 597.  Many are located in Northern Kentucky and Louisville.

Join us as a distinguished panel will shed light on this subject led by Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton, who has an engineering background, and commissioned this latest industry survey awaiting final results.  She will be joined by Steve Barnett, CEO of Covington’s Indy Honeycomb as well as Stewart Ditto, Executive Director of the Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium, a Lexington trade group organized last October to represent and provide program for businesses in this thriving field.

They will discuss the growth of aviation/aerospace in Kentucky, how it has continued, what strategies state leaders have to promote its prosperity and the development of spinoff businesses.

Aerospace Honeycomb Manufacturing Expansion

Indy Honeycomb is pleased to announce the furthering of our expansion plans! Newly signed agreements are expected to generate revenues in excess of $10 million dollars in the next five years. Because of our increased business we are proud to be able to add additional jobs to the area as well as increased compensation for its employees. We are excited that our vision has come to realization. Founder of the company, Steve Barnett, infused his value of excellent customer service into Indy Honeycomb — a driving force that continues to this day. Read our Press Release below and see how our expansion plans came to fruition.





Covington, Kentucky – January 8, 2016 – Indy Honeycomb announced today that it will further expansion plans based on the successful approval of several prime aerospace customers, long term agreements and increased capabilities.


Indy Honeycomb is now approved as a supplier for major OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) customers such as Rolls Royce, MTU and Pratt & Whitney.  Long term agreements in support of several powerplants to include PW1000, V2500 and PW300 are underway.  Existing supplier approvals have led to long term agreements in support of major programs such as the Boeing 737NG, 737MAX and Airbus A380.  Indy also supports a number of other major programs.


Newly signed agreements are expected to generate revenues in excess of US$10 million over the next five years.  Deliveries will ramp up during 2016 and 2017 creating a demand for increased manpower, bringing additional jobs the area.  Indy Honeycomb’s economic development is supported by local and state incentives as the company raises compensation for its employees and brings significant opportunities for its strategic partners.


Don Prysi, President and COO of Indy Honeycomb, commented: “This opportunity is a direct result of the efforts of our committed team to work together and fulfill our mission: Making honeycomb easy to buy. We are honored to support world class programs in the growing aerospace industry.”


Indy Honeycomb is an AS/ISO certified manufacturer of welded metallic honeycomb for various industries.  Products include structural honeycomb, flow straighteners, engine seals, EMI/RF shielding and vent panels. Its core processes include forming, welding, machining and braze preparation of exotic alloys that are lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Steve Barnett founded the company, infusing his value of excellent customer service—a driving force that continues today.

Indy Honeycomb Celebrates Its 18th Anniversary!

On Oct. 1, 2014, Indy celebrated its 18 Year Anniversary of being in business by providing lunch from Chicago Don’s Hot Dawgs.

We are especially appreciative of our responsible, dedicated, loyal and fun-loving employees that have been essential in supporting Indy Honeycomb’s mission, “We Make Honeycomb Easy to Buy”.

We are grateful for our valuable customers and vendors, aiding and facilitating our steady growth. Believing these key elements will enable, equip and expand our reach today and into the future, we eagerly anticipant continued expansion!

About Indy Honeycomb

Indy Honeycomb’s mission “to make honeycomb easy to buy” is, and always has been, at the forefront of our philosophy. In 1996, after noticing a real need for a service-minded supplier of honeycomb products, Steve Barnett of Barnett Industries, Inc., founded the company, infusing his value of excellent customer service—a driving force that continues today.

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Don Prysi Promoted to President at Indy Honeycomb With Steve Barnett Remaining Founder and CEO

Don Prysi, President

With pleasure and excitement for the future, Indy Honeycomb would like to announce its new President, Don Prysi. Don’s honorable character, ability, and years of dedicated service personify Indy Honeycomb’s mission and vision. Founder and owner Steve Barnett will continue in his primary role of CEO, supporting Don and Team Indy Honeycomb.

“I am humbled by this decision and thank everyone for the trust they have put in me,” says Don Prysi, Indy Honeycomb President. “Having worked my way through the ranks at Indy, I have a genuine interest in the success of employees and all of those who hold a stake in the company’s success. I am committed to the continuous improvement of Indy and ongoing development of positive business partnerships.”

>> Spotlight on Don Prysi

Steve Barnett, Founder & CEO

About Indy Honeycomb

Indy Honeycomb’s mission “to make honeycomb easy to buy” is, and always has been, at the forefront of our philosophy. In 1996, after noticing a real need for a service-minded supplier of honeycomb products, Steve Barnett of Barnett Industries, Inc., founded the company, infusing his value of excellent customer service—a driving force that continues today.

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Indy Honeycomb is Challenged and Excited to be Involved with General Electric–Snecma’s Leap Engines on both sides of the Atlantic.

Indy Honeycomb is excited to see this new workhorse engine enter the market, particularly with GE Evendale and GE Peebles Test Operation located so close (both less than an hour or so drive) to our facility here in Covington, Ky. Additionally we have enjoyed a very positive relationship with Safran in France and are optimistic about cultivating and expanding this relationship with Snecma. This new engine has incorporated many new features and infused new technology throughout including new forward thinking involved in the honeycomb seal geometry and design. Indy has equipped themselves for development of these new features with equipment, fixturing and tooling and is motivated to continue to improve the processes to accommodate the anticipated production rates.

About Electric–Snecma’s Leap Engines

CFM International announced the Leap engine in 2008 and the General Electric-Snecma joint venture sanctioned the go-ahead of the all-new engine despite having no customer and no firm contract. General Electric and Snecma figured that the market for Leap was out there and was simply a matter of time. They also figured that the Leap market was always going to be primarily the next generation of Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies.

The initial version of the engine, the Leap-1A, which fired up for the first time at GE’s Peebles, Ohio, test site on September 4th is designed for the Airbus A320neo. The Leap-1A is the first all-new centerline CFM engine to enter testing since the original CFM56 was developed by the GE Aviation-Snecma joint venture in the 1970s.

Test Flights…

  • The NEO engine is set to begin flight tests on GE’s Boeing 747 flying testbed in September 2014, with FAR33 engine certification expected the following summer.
  • First flight on the A320NEO is due around the third quarter of 2015 with entry-into-service the following year.

The manufacturer adds that over the next three years, the engines will accumulate approximately 40,000 hr. (18,000 engine cycles) leading up to entry-into-service.

At the time of the engine’s launch in 2008, there was no specific aircraft application, just as with the original CFM56. However, following its launch by Comac as the sole engine choice for the C919 in 2009, Airbus followed in 2010 when it selected the Leap-1A engine as an option along with Pratt & Whitney’s PW1100G on the A320NEO. In 2011 Boeing selected the Leap-1B as the sole powerplant for the 737MAX.

Gearing Up of the Transition to Leap

CFM is gearing up to produce 1,700 engines in 2020, almost all Leap-1s. This will be an increase from the 1,500 engines planned for this year and 1,540 for 2014, all CFM56s. The transition to Leap will begin in 2016.

Already the Leap makes up almost half of the roughly 10,000 engines the joint venture has in backlog: 1,392 Leap-1As for the A320NEO, 2,470 -1Bs for the Boeing 737MAX and 760 -1Cs for the Comac C919.

GE is Upgrading Facilities

General Electric (GE), the industry’s biggest engine supplier, is midway through a key facility expansion to handle the surge it’s expects to have for the coming commercial airliner delivery boom.

  • $70 million expansion of its 7,000-acre Peebles Test Operation in Ohio will enable the facility to cope with accelerating narrowbody and widebody engine delivery rates from next year and into the future.
  • Overall deliveries of all engine models will rise to more than 1,600 in 2014 compared with over 1,200 in 2012 and 1,400 this year. Excluding spares, some 680 CFM56-7Bs were delivered for new-production Boeing 737s in 2012. This is scheduled to grow to 685 in 2013, 725 in 2014 and 740 in 2015.
  • This year also will see more than 500 widebody engines shipped, more than double the number in 2010.

CFM  Feels It has the Lead on Pratt & Whitney

  • CFM International is claiming its Leap-1A engine has up to 3% lower specific fuel consumption (sfc) than the rival PW1100G geared turbofan on the A320NEO family. CFM calculates the 3% better fuel burn on the A321NEO than the PW1100G is worth $2 million per aircraft net present value (NPV)
  • Chaker Chahrour, executive vice president of CFM  said that “The Leap will go into revenue service on the A320NEO 1% better than the competition, based on testing to date. And it will retain that 1% better than the competition, which when you integrate over time adds up to another 1%. And on the A321, because of the longer legs and our better cruise sfc bucket, we get another 1%. So on the A321, 1 plus 1 equals 3.”
  • The General Electric/Snecma joint venture calculates an NPV advantage of $4 million per aircraft on the A320NEO for the Leap-1A, up from the $3.5 million claimed at last year’s Farnborough show.

Detailed Articles about General Electric–Snecma’s Leap Engines

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Spotlight On Don Prysi… Indy Honeycomb’s President

Don Prysi, President of Indy Honeycomb

“Since I can remember, I have aimed to be in the world of Aviation. It inspires me to work hard toward our common, grandiose goal of human flight. Day in and day out aerospace manufacturers work together, building win-win relationships and maintaining successful partnerships that are necessary to accomplish this goal. I am proud to be a part of a team that makes everything possible.”

– Don Prysi, President of Indy Honeycomb.

Don started his career in Aerospace Manufacturing at Rockwell Collins as a Team Lead while attending full-time classes and serving in the local Marine Corps Reserve Unit. His vested interest in aerospace began at Cincinnati State University where I took courses in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program. He continued his education at Thomas More College where he earned a Bachelor’s in Business with a concentration in Finance. He was able to maintain his growing responsibility at Indy Honeycomb and graduate Magna cum Laude. He currently serves as Indy Honeycomb’s President.  He maintains oversight of operations and works alongside the CEO, Steve Barnett, to develop and execute the vision and mission of the company.

Don is a combat veteran and currently serves in the Kentucky National Guard as assistant S2 with the 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade. He has worked his way through the ranks at Indy and has a genuine interest in the success of employees and all of those who hold a stake in the company’s success. Don is committed to the continuous improvement of Indy and ongoing development of positive business partnerships.

Q & A with Don Prysi

Congratulations on Becoming President! What was you initial reaction?

Don Prysi: I was humbled by this decision and thanked everyone for the trust they have put in me.  Having worked my way through the ranks at Indy,  I have a genuine interest in the success of employees and all of those who hold a stake in the company’s success. I am committed to the continuous improvement of Indy and ongoing development of positive business partnerships.

What is the most rewarding or satisfying experience since you joined the company other then becoming President of the company?.

Don Prysi: I don’t know that I can pick just one but I can say that my most rewarding experiences include Indy being a positive influence in people’s lives. We have successfully built an environment that is centered on character. From team members to business partnerships… we strive for win/win relationships. This place really is different than most, we genuinely care about each other and want the best for those who we interact with. We have a business to run and success needs to be our priority, but how we do it matters. Seeing that all come through in actions makes me proud of our team.

Was there a time when a customer asked you for something out of the ordinary?

Don Prysi: All the time. Our motto is “we make honeycomb easy to buy”. I remember specifically when a distressed customer called and asked for better than the standard 21-28 day lead time we were quoting at the time. How much better? How about 2-3 hours?! Our team eats that kind of challenge up and we had the parts ready to go just in time for pickup.

Before working at Indy, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Don Prysi: I was actually a Zamboni driver for a very short stint… pretty cool.

Are you married? Do you have kids?

Don Prysi: I am married to a beautiful, loving wife and have one three year old son. We enjoy time together with family here and in my home town of Chicago, spending time outdoors, playing and watching sports.

Do you have any hobbies?

Don Prysi: When I find the time I enjoy skiing, golfing, shooting and spending time outdoors.

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