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Aircelle Awards Indy Honeycomb With Their Supplier Award Recognizing Indy’s Outstanding Quality and Delivery Performance

Indy Honeycomb was acknowledged at Farnborough Airshow, where Aircelle underscored the importance of a dependable international supply chain during a period of jetliner production ramp-ups, new program starts and a continued drive to control costs.

Indy Honeycomb was selected for Aircelle’s supplier award based on our quality and delivery – including consistently good performance for Aircelle’s nozzle center of excellence.

“This award represents the hard work and dedication of our team and we are honored that Aircelle recognizes our efforts on a global level” said Don Prysi, VP/Managing Director of Indy Honeycomb.

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Indy Honeycomb Receives the Above and Beyond Award For Granting Leave and Providing Support For Military Duty

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Indy Honeycomb is very proud to receive the Above and Beyond Award, the only small business in Kentucky to receive this award this year.  Indy Honeycomb’s senior management are very committed to reaching out to Guard personnel’s family during times of deployment and training.

“Our Kentucky ESGR committee is proud of the support that companies in the Commonwealth give to our young servicemen and women,” said presenting General Robert S. Silverthorn, Jr., Kentucky ESGR chair.

“It is a privilege to support our troops, particularly our own employees who have chosen to continue their service in the guard. We are proud of the price they pay, their families’ sacrifice, as well as the balance of their peers at work. It seems to be our appropriate corporate civic duty. We are grateful for and proud of our employees who serve in the military,’ said Steve Barnett, Founder and President of Indy Honeycomb.

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Indy Honeycomb and It’s Employees Donated 14 Pints of Blood To Hoxworth Blood Center During It’s Annual Blood Drive

Indy Honeycomb employee Rudi outside the Hoxworth Bloodmobile after donating some blood

On Monday, June 11, 2012, Indy Honeycomb treated it’s employees to a grill-out lunch in anticipation of Hoxworth Bloodmobile’s arrival at Indy Honeycomb. This was the first of what will now become an annual event by Indy Honeycomb to help Hoxworth Blood Center with it’s mission to collect blood from 350 volunteer blood donors and 40 volunteer platelet donors each day to meet the needs of tri-state patients. The 14 pints of blood that were donated by Indy Honeycomb employees will go on to help save 42 lives.

“We may serve a global market but we are still a community business.  Our employees demonstrate exceptional character by participating in charitable causes throughout the year and I am proud to support those efforts,” said Steve Barnett, President of Indy Honeycomb.

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati (UC), is the only blood center for the greater Cincinnati area. Serving a 17-county area in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Hoxworth collects, tests, processes and distributes blood and blood components to 31 hospitals and medical centers.

If you would like to get involved and donate, please contact Hoxworth Blood Center (513-558-1304) today!

STRUCTURAL HONEYCOMB CASE STUDY: Aircelle A380 Trent900 Exhaust Nozzle Honeycomb

A Strategic Alliance Based on Quality and Customer Service

Aircelle, a leader in the global nacelle manufacturing market, shares the values of SAFRAN Group, its parent company.  Both are strong advocates for the development of high quality products, the importance of superior customer service, and constant improvement and innovation.

Because of these high standards, Aircelle was quick to identify supplier challenges in the production of the Trent 900 Engine to be used on the Airbus A380.  Specific opportunities surrounded the supplier’s inability to provide honeycomb for the engine’s exhaust nozzle which satisfied technological requirements.

Together, with Aircelle’s engineers, Indy Honeycomb created exhaust nozzle honeycomb constructed of one of the lightest and strongest alloys, B21 titanium.  All materials produced met 100% of the specifications 100% of the time, and delivery schedules were never compromised.

Ultimately, Aircelle, as a first tier supplier, was able to form a strategic alliance with Indy which allowed them to be flexible and competitive while maintaining their industry setting standards.

The Path to Customer Service Success

Indy Honeycomb’s mission statement, “we make honeycomb easy to buy,” was founded on a philosophy that excellent customer service, continuous process improvement and technically sound products are the focus of meeting their customers’ needs.  Indy offered:  technological expertise in working with superior alloys and process development, solutions which addressed pre and post production, incorporated the entire supply chain, and close and constant interaction with the customer to ensure satisfaction.

The material.  Titanium is coveted by the aerospace industry because of its durability and strength qualities.  However, titanium is also a very difficult alloy to work with, offering particular challenges with forming and welding.

Working relationship and process development.  Over a 9-month period, Indy worked hand-in-hand with Aircelle engineers to develop specifications and create a test product.  Indy experts guided Aircelle in crafting requirements that addressed both the manufacture of the exhaust nozzle honeycomb (to be handled by Indy Honeycomb), and the brazing functions (to be handled by Aircelle).  Indy’s insights simplified the installation process and provided flexibility.

Supply chain and deadlines.  As a second tier supplier to Airbus ( –or- 1st tier supplier to Aircelle), Indy indicated preferred vendors to support the material acquisition and delivery venues.  Indy Honeycomb extended its philosophies to supply chain entities as though they were direct hires of Aircelle.

The results.  All Aircelle requirements are satisfied 100%, 100% of the time, which led to a multi-year contract with Indy Honeycomb.  In 2008, Aircelle presented Indy Honeycomb with the Overall Performance Award for Indy’s exemplary customer service and superior structural honeycomb.

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It’s Indy Honeycomb’s Mission “To Make Honeycomb Easy To Buy”

Making Honeycomb Easy To Buy has been Indy Honeycomb’s mission since inception and is at the forefront of our philosophy. In 1996, after noticing a real need for a service-minded supplier of honeycomb products, Steve Barnett of Barnett Industries, Inc., founded the company, infusing his number one value of excellent customer service— a driving force that continues today.

Creating Reasonably Priced, Technically Sound Products

In keeping with Indy Honeycomb’s philosophy, we strive to generate real process improvement in the market availability of reasonably priced, technically sound products. We take pride in helping customers in their quest for the specific product to suit their needs. The actual process of honeycomb seal or core procurement need not be slow, inexact or painful. It should be, as our mission states, “easy to buy.” Our company operates with a keen understanding of product timeliness but, more important, focusing on professional courtesy, technical competence, and a high value on integrity. We are more than just your standard “email in an order and get a part back” type of shop. Similar consideration is given to the integrity of a potential raw material that we may use as is to the integrity of our company. Integrity is being honest, sure, but it is also getting the paperwork right the first time (the most common issue in manufacturing shops), having our record keeping in peak condition, and performing competently on audits and such. We are exactly who we say we are, and we do exactly what we say we will do.

Delivering Products On Time and On Budget

We place the highest priority on delivering our product, whether it’s a phone call, quote or actual honeycomb order, on time—specifically, in the timeframe to which we originally committed—and we have designed our processing system to reflect this. We equate this with keeping our word. Outside factors sometimes interfere, however, so when one of our suppliers runs into a problem that will have an impact on us, and possibly on our customer’s expectations, we ensure prompt client communication, treating the client as we expect to be treated. Additionally, we understand that oftentimes our customers possess a certain expertise that we might not necessarily share, but we bring to the table value-added ideas that reduce input labor hours in their shops, offering suggestions to streamline the overall process.

Holding Up Our End of the Contract

Even more crucial than just delivering the product on time is the notion of doing exactly what was agreed upon—a value with huge implications to gaining and keeping customer loyalty. Because real relationships develop in places they had not previously existed, trust is a welcome addition to the equation. Some may see this as an old-fashioned value, and maybe they’re right, but it’s certainly a useful lubricant in the overall process of purchasing honeycomb.

Highly Skilled Employees With Strong Integrity

Above all, Indy Honeycomb takes pride in our highly competent and genuinely caring employees. A recent customer award presentation from one of our multi-year contracts reflected the noteworthy recognition of producing honeycomb for 500 aircrafts with zero defects and zero delinquencies. Although we are not perfect and must deal with the realities of material availability, process failures, weather-related power surges, etc., our high performing employees help to minimize and eliminate these issues.

Let Indy Honeycomb “make honeycomb easy to buy” for you.

Give us the opportunity to serve your needs in the welded metallic honeycomb world. We currently produce core for exhaust applications in OEM and MRO situations, Power Generation and Energy applications, EMI-RF Shielding and venting uses, wind tunnel, and various air and gas flow straightening products.

Contact us today to “make honeycomb easy to buy” for you! 

Indy Honeycomb Completes 1,000th Panel For the 1st Tier Supplier of the Boeing 737

In the midst of growing pains among the recovering industry, Indy Honeycomb, a locally owned and operated manufacturer, strives to be a supplier that their customers’ can count on. In March they lived out that goal by completing the 1,000th panel for a contract with a 1st tier supplier on the Boeing 737.

What made the 1000th panel even more noteworthy is that it was preceded by 999 that were conforming and delivered on time. This occasion was highlighted by a visit from the customer who presented a plaque to the team of men and women who make, inspect and ship the parts.

Indy Honeycomb makes welded metallic honeycomb using high temperature exotic alloys. The above mentioned contract allows Indy Honeycomb to be the sole source for the honeycomb component used in Boeing’s new configuration of the 737 exhaust nozzle.

Indy Honeycomb has been producing structural honeycomb for over 15 years and provides both OEM and repair materials for the industry leaders as well as 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers. Located in Northern Kentucky, Indy Honeycomb continues to supply excellent parts and service to all their customers’ by hiring for character as well as skill.

Indy Honeycomb Lands Contract on Airbus

July 15, 2008

Contact: Don Prysi, Operations Manager


Covington, KY Indy Honeycomb President Steve Barnett and Operations Manager Don Prysi recently returned from Le Havre, France, where they signed a three year, $1 Million contract with Aircelle, a French aircraft engine exhaust and nacelle manufacturer owned by the Groupe SAFRAN. The contract allows Indy Honeycomb to continue to produce the titanium structural honeycomb parts for Aircelle’s use in the production of the exhaust system of the Airbus A380. Indy Honeycomb has been producing structural honeycomb for over 12 years but only in recent years have been in dialog with Aircelle. In response to the agreement, Barnett commented, We are pleased that such a strong player in the OEM Exhaust Systems Market as Aircelle has chosen to partner with Indy Honeycomb. We have worked closely with them toward this for nearly three years and are grateful about participating on such an exciting application as the A380.

This contract provides security for technical jobs in Northern Kentucky and creates job opportunities for skilled workers to join the Indy Honeycomb team. The structural honeycomb will be produced in Northern Kentucky and exported to Aircelle in Le Havre, France. Aircelle will install the honeycomb into the exhaust nozzle assembly of the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines and subsequently transport the assembly to Airbus main plant in Toulouse, France. The current three year contract accounts for nearly 100% of the honeycomb to be used in the production of the Rolls Royce Exhaust System, and allows for the possibility of multiple one year contract extensions. Becoming an approved supplier to SAFRAN and Aircelle is another step toward Indy Honeycomb’s goal to be a first tier supplier in the exhaust portion of the structural honeycomb market.

Indy Honeycomb Receives Overall Performance Award

For Immediate Release

Contact: Betsy Wolking

June 16, 2009 (859) 359-4052


COVINGTON, Ky. European aerospace industry leader Aircelle presented Northern Kentucky based company Indy Honeycomb with the 2008 Overall Performance Award on Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

Last year, Indy Honeycomb President Steve Barnett signed a three year, $1.5 Million Dollar contract with Aircelle, a French aircraft engine exhaust and nacelle manufacturer owned by the Groupe SAFRAN. The contract allows Indy Honeycomb to produce the titanium structural honeycomb parts for Aircelle’s use in the production of the exhaust system of the Airbus A380.

Indy Honeycomb has been producing structural honeycomb for over 12 years, and is pleased to accept this award in only its first year of a three year contract with Aircelle. In response to the award, Barnett commented, To receive the Overall Performance Award from Aircelle is an honor considering they are one of the premier players in the global nacelle market. It is gratifying to provide local jobs and further expand our international business in the European market. We are a small company committed to excellence, and are gratified and excited to have Aircelle recognize this.”

Aircelle’s satisfaction with Indy Honeycomb, shown in the presentation of the coveted Overall Performance Award, is even further progress toward Indy Honeycomb’s goal to be a first tier supplier in the exhaust portion of the structural honeycomb market. This award was presented to only two companies in North America.

Attached is a photo from the presentation of the 2008 Overall Performance Award. Back row: Merzuk Ramic, Quality Manager, Indy Honeycomb; Sergiy Papyshev, Engineering, Indy Honeycomb; Russell Putthoff, Supervisor, Indy Honeycomb; Front Row: Steve Barnett, President, Indy Honeycomb; Daniel Tripet, Supplier Development, Aircelle Representative

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