Is Indy Honeycomb Really Located in Kentucky?

Yes, Indy Honeycomb is located in Covington, Kentucky, just 15 minutes from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.  The company’s inception was in Indianapolis, Indiana, thus the “Indy” in our name.  The company moved to Northern Kentucky in 1998.

How Long Has Indy Honeycomb Been in Business?

Indy Honeycomb has been in business since 1996.

What is Indy Honeycomb’s Current RFQ Response Time?

Indy Honeycomb’s current RFQ response times is 1.2 business days for a standard quotation.  75% of requests are responded to you 24 hours.

Does Indy Honeycomb Do Business Outside the United States?

Yes, Indy Honeycomb does business in 18-20 countries.

What is Indy Honeycomb’s On-Time Delivery Ratio?

Indy Honeycomb’s  on-time delivery ratio was 97.4% during the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2012.